Add items in UIStackView programmatically

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#Add & remove items to stack view

Dynamic UI is something that should be used in development, with that you can enter dynamic data then the display will adjust, this how to add it.

// add item to stackview
var stackView = UIStackView()
let labeNameImage = UILabel()
labeNameImage.font = UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: 12)
labeNameImage.backgroundColor = UIColor.clear
labeNameImage.textColor = .darkGray
labeNameImage.text = "Where Are You"
// use append if there is no data
// use arrangedSubviews to adds a view to the end of the array.stackAddPhoto.addArrangedSubview(grup)
extension UIStackView {
func removeAllArrangedSubviews() {
arrangedSubviews.forEach {
// Remove singel item
// Remove all items on the stack use extension

#Tap close button in stackView programmatically

This is how to tap close image gesture and delete that image from list, to use that just tag in “imageView.tag” to register index and in this codesender UITapGestureRecognizer use “sender.view.tag” to check your item index after that now reload stackView array data.



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