Setting up .env Arkana

This setting in Mac OS

My team changed from cocoapod-key to Arkana, this flow maybe will help you. If you don't set it up error result will be like this, your project must be using Swift Package Manager or CocoaPods. pod arkana

[!] No podspec found for `ArkanaKeys` in `./Tooling/Arkana/dependencies/ArkanaKeys`

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I used the alternative gem install.

$gem install arkana

For check, if the keys are registered or not, my friend said you can run this “printenv” in the terminal.


When exporting keys, it can be multiple keys in terminal.

export appleAppID=xx8x8xx207
export crispDevWebsiteID=xxxxxx-xxxx-43a1-xxxx-xxxdxxxdxxx

After export, you can check again using “$printenv”

If don’t work used “ — ” you can use “ _ ”.

$source ~/.bash-profile


$source ~/.bash_profile

And then you can “ pod install “ for the finished install Arkana

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