My first template app selling for $9 on themeforest market

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Themeforest is a marketplace and websites to sell your skill and creativity, as developer sometimes I want to earn passive income just by selling code. my friend told to me, that there is a website where we can sell our code as templates.

First app I try to create a just barcode scanner for testing in that website is it true that I can earn money?, At that time I thought no one would buy it because the app I’ve made was not the best I could do, and then I chose the option to sell cheap. At the time I checked my email and found that someone bought my template.

ThemeForest is have a review process, in my case i’ve got one rejection. this what you need to create a templates.

Create the best App UI

This is the most interesting, because most of the templates sold are those that have a good UI, if you have a good UI you can sell more expensive templates. I think must make an interesting UI too :)

This is example template app, I’ve downloaded this from free templates, this website

Provide a description of what features your app

In the description you can add some things like,
- what programming language is used, ex: kotlin, swift, java etc.
- Features are in your app, ex: notification, calendar etc.
- and how to use your templates

Price for your template

This price is important, you can start from the low price to increase your rating, after the rating goes up, the fans will be even higher.

it’s good to make templates like this, because you don’t need to be under pressure when working on it. sometimes it’s fun for me to learn new things and can be sold too and now I’m still making templates.

My suggestion is that you can buy the UI for create the app and then just build your template app, it’s faster than having to build all. please share in the comments if you have the same incident or input.

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