Git Push Existing Repo

Jerry PM
2 min readNov 12, 2023

For a new app on Github

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In new flow on GitHub, when you create new Repo you not guide like before, this tutorial for you what to push your app to new repo on Github example this Use repo “SosialWave” app.

~ app: $git init
~ app: $cd folder/NewApp
~ app: $git remote add origin
~ app: $git add .
~ app: $git commit -m "first commit"
~ app: $git push -f origin main

This git if you want to change remote repo, check the repo status using “git remote -v” if a blank is not set yet, and if not nil, there is a data

~ app: $git remote -v
~ app: $git remote set-url origin new-url

for example for changing url origin remote

~app: $git remote set-url origin

That’s it! You’ve successfully pushed your app to a new GitHub repository and learned how to change the remote repository URL when needed.

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