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Jerry PM
2 min readMay 22, 2023


This is free for all of you

In the world of mobile application development, Flutter has gained tremendous popularity due to its ability to create beautiful and efficient cross-platform apps. One remarkable aspect of Flutter is the availability of open-source projects, which allows developers to explore and develop existing solutions.

It continues the story from this article

In this project, the developer has employed the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) architectural pattern and utilized the GetX package. MVVM is a design pattern that separates the user interface (View) from the business logic (ViewModel) and the data (Model). This separation allows for a more organized and maintainable codebase.

The following packages have been used in this project:

  • carousel_slider
  • flutter_launcher_icons
  • shared_preferences
  • get
  • provider
  • path_provider
  • flutter_email_sender
  • pdf

Some packages have not been used yet. I will include them in the next update, such as replacing them with Firebase Integration for login. I will also add AdMob for Advertising. also, changed some more complex features and registered the application that I have updated on the Play Store. I think the feature that I prioritize the most is printing

In the upcoming section, I will provide an updated version of this code
And Free Source Code here GitHub:

Support here for more free source code
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