6 Tools To Support IOS Development

Jerry PM
3 min readAug 10, 2021

When you want to build app IOS and sometime you need tools to support you, this my list development tools I’ve used.

1. Mockoon

Mockoon it’s app for desktop for mac, windows and linux, for download here . I use this app for testing local API, you can set use json data

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This example of how to use mockoon : https://artem-diashkin.medium.com/mockoon-how-easily-create-your-local-api-server-with-mocked-data-436849709af8

This full URL for set in your code example as

2. SwiftyJSONAccelerator

This app can help you to generate JSON data to model swift programming
You can download in this link here on github or you want to just download app for mac here

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The new version SwiftyJSONAccelerator make codeable model file generator for swift 5

3. Pushtry

Why I use this website for testing push notification ?, because this easy to use for APNs push notification you need certificates .p12 for access your app and you must input device token. website https://www.pushtry.com/

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4. UIColor iO

If you search some website can help you to convert HEX to RGB color, this website can convert to UIColor swift, objective-C and Xamarin (C#)

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5. Swift Fiddle

Sometimes you want to code a more practical playground, you can on this website https://swiftfiddle.com/ , or maybe the xcode playground is having an error, can’t run the project that I often experience too. another swift playground like http://online.swiftplayground.run/ .

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6. Proxyman

I’m using proxyman to edit api data response but this requires a certificate to access your app. for edit local response tap `Map Local` in the below section app look the red circle in this image below.

Link download https://proxyman.io/ , and tutorial how use proxyman click this link https://medium.com/proxyman/getting-started-with-proxyman-4d44441a48e0

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